The vast majority of software can not be compiled for BeOS/PPC without SERIOUS work, ever, ever ever ever ever ever…

Similarly, binary compatibility may as well be ignored as impossible.

And its all down to using Apple’s binary format, and relying on antique Metrowerks compilers. Don’t get your hopes up of anyone giving GCC PEF support or making Haiku/PPC able to execute PEF binaries.

I have always thought that the PowerPC platform is superior, but it is less easy to implement because it allows for next to no compatibility with x86 operating systems. The easiest way to get a user switch is to make it easy.

I also, as I’ve probably already remarked here, prefer PPC to 8086-compatibles, but unless a miracle happens, this battle is lost, friends. It’s dark in the box and it’s damn expensive to produce computers in low volume… until we get to complete systems on chips, with graphics controlleres and everything integrated - VIA are heading in this direction but for they’re 8086-compatible only. For some reason.