Open tab in background with touchpad in WebPositive

I am using the Haiku on notebook with touchpad and I have not middle mouse button on it. Can I open new tabs in background in WebPositive without middle mouse button?

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I don’t think you can. You can right-click a link and choose “Open Link in New Window”. Web+ is lying and will open in a new tab, but not in the background…

This is sad. Any modification key+let click is much more universal way to do it instead of middle mouse button, that usually does not exists on touchpads.

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See (and upvote :slight_smile:) ticket #7062 Add “Open in new window/tab” in context menu.

Many browsers use the middle mouse button for this. Still there should be a way with a two-button setup, in the context menu as described in the above ticket and maybe an additional modifier+leftclick.
If new tabs from a link are opened in the background or switched to immediately could be a checkmark in the Settings panel.