Open Sound System (OSS) for haiku x86_64

I needed to test the oss driver on 64bit version of haiku but there wasn’t any on haikuDepot.
Is it available somewhere else?
Should I compile it myself? (where could I find the recipe)?

If it isn’t available in the depot, then you could try to build it yourself. You need the follwoing things for that:

  • haikuporter program (you need to set it up before you use it)
  • haikuports repo checkout

The current (media-sound/opensound/opensound-4.2_git.recipe) recipe defines the follwoing arch’s as supported ones:
ARCHITECTURES=“x86_gcc2 ?x86”

You need to change it like:
ARCHITECTURES=“x86_gcc2 ?x86 ?x86_64”

without this change haikuporter won’t try to build it.
After this change you can compile it like

/# haikuporter opensound

And let’s see what happens…