Open Sound Question

Open Sound is my last hope for sound in Haiku Alpha 2 (at least right now). By using ls dev/audio/hmulti, hda was the only thing coming up for me.

Here is my audio controller info: device Multimedia controller (Audio device) [4|3|0]
vendor 8086: Intel Corporation
device 27d8: N10/ICH 7 Family High Definition Audio Controller

I disabled hda in both places where I read I should and then installed opensound from the terminal. I’m not getting anything but, whoa, that application isn’t just for turning your sound up and down, lol! I don’t know if not getting anything from Gain in Audio Mixer is telling me that it’s a no-go for me or if there’s something I’m supposed to do with all those controls in Intel Audio HD?

Media Preerence does show my sound as Intel now, so it did do that.

Thanks for any tips!

check the status of the various mute switches in the intel hd audio settings. in my case, on a samsung netbook, they all come up muted after each reboot and i have to unmute the internal speakers and/or the green connector (line output), and also “misc. pcm1 mute” under “misc” before i get any sound. the first two were obvious enough but i had to poke around a bit for the last one. with those unmuted it works great and for basic playback all the various other intel hd controls can be more or less ignored-volumes can be controlled from the app or the system mixer. on occasion i lose all sound and am not sure why, and can only get it back with a reboot. ymmv.

Both of you should really file tickets about these issues at:

with your syslog. That is how these bugs get fixed.

If an audio driver loads ( you’ll see it in /dev/audio and Preferences->Media ) then you should get sound. If not, then fool around with mixer/audio settings and see what happens. See if you can figure out what is going on and then file a ticket for it.

The hda driver is actively maintained and can be improved, for everyone, if you do this. Bye,

I’m taking your advice, have all my info ready in text docs, registered at site, but have not received a verification email yet so I can proceed.


Your syslog (log file) is the most important attachment but it has to have information before you removed hda driver. Search it for hda and see what information shows up in that file. By removing hda driver, the error is no longer logged to syslog and may no longer show up in that file.

Email verify should come in 1 hour or less I think. Give it a day and see what happens after which point you can try to register again.

Ticket #6157 submitted! :slight_smile: