One day with Haiku

I will try to be the most objective.
I liked BeOS in the past and it was my main Os on computer.
but all event you know pushed people to use other Os.

Yesterday i decided to check this Haiku described in a lot of website on the net.
I downloaded haiku b3 yesterday and i booted on USB stick.

My first impression : Wooooooww !!! great !!!

It’s BeOS soul !!! great and impressive work.
tracker, deskbar, scaled icons, fast, network, sound, all the best.
It returned me in the BeOS 5 personal edition time…but with thousand of new things.
What a big and great work all developers have done…BRAVO!!! i have tears on my eyes… :wink:

Now, second impression:
with years, skills to use computer changed, and old popup BeOS menu was replaced by start menu on *nix and win$. One example: if i want to launch VLC on linux, i cilck on menu, and i write first letters in search application bar and immediatly i see vlc player. Or simple i add link in the taskbar to launch common applications or preferences.
our great Os miss some evolution of these 20 years pasted, like:

  • New launch bar with fast application search bar (like this)
  • window tranparence
  • other new inovation i forget since these 20 years.

Like zevenOS, it was good BeOS like distro. But limited, evolution passed by Neptune new version with new design, far from the original BeOS.

third impression:
I will not stop to see impression and i will install like main Os on bedroom computer to check and test every days during one year.

Main question: Do you imagine future (in sense what innovations) of haiku deskbar, tracker?
Thanks for your answer.

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Install QuickLaunch and bind it to your favorite key combination using Shortcuts.

There are several Dock-like applications you can test out, like LaunchBox.

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If you want a MacOSX-like dock - you can try my HiQDock (you need to add BeSly repo to HaikuDepot or
from pkgman:

see more details here:


Improving and modernizing Deskbar is indeed a goal, but strictly speaking is outside the current focus of generally replicating BeOS R5. We of course have surpassed that to some extent but no one has decided to take on the project of a new or updated Deskbar, yet.

There is a good article from Haiku developer stippi from more than 10 years ago with some of his feature ideas for a new or improved Deskbar. Obviously there is much to borrow from other systems as well. Though as Null says QuickLaunch is currently a good option for quickly running apps based on a typing.