Off topic - slow network side effects

Hi all. Just venting amongst friends.

6 months ago I moved into an apartment which is a Faraday Cage when it comes to transmission of electromagnetic waves (ie. WiFi is crap, as is cellular). Since I’m renting, its not simple to lay out cables to the modem.

It is absurd how the mainstream OS relies on a solid network connection to do the simplest local tasks. Right click a file to get the properties window, delay (up to 20 seconds). Open a new folder in the GUI navigation window, delay (up to 20 seconds). This design is absurd for accessing the local file system. And the worst design impact is that I have no facility to identify the root culprit (ie. which component is doing the network queries). This flaw (and I do call it a flaw) is making simple file operations a painful experience.

Fortunately, Haiku does not have this absurdity, navigating the file system is instant since it (still) has no extensions that access the network while doing file operations. In the event that such a feature would be added, I hope that the system allows the user to identify the laggy component. Mainstream OS’s just try to obfuscate as much as possible, and for a personal computer this is the wrong design decision. IMHO.

Anyhow, just venting amongst friends. Yeah, the right click popup just opened. Now I can rename the file … :roll_eyes:


This is what happens when you export a technology invented where walls are made of wood and paper, in countries were they are made of reinforced concrete. :laughing:

Why would we even consider such a thing?