Odd network issue with Beta 3

Beta 3 installed well on my old Intel NUC, but there’s an odd issue with the network with the installed system. In Terminal, I can ping hosts out there in the Internet, so DNS and networking is working. However, the network doesn’t work for anything else, including WebPositive (“operation would block”), software depot and updater.

What should I change?

Thank you.

Are you sure you dont have something in your network that would be filtering traffic? It almost sounds like a network policy, mitm, etc.

Good thought. I’d better check that. It is a bit of an odd piece of my network, with a point-to-point long-haul modem and a router at that location. However, I have other computers there which have run fine, Linux and Windows. But, something might have changed.

Is your time set correctly?


On its own this question looks a bit strange so here is some details: one thing that can go wrong with WebPositive is that SSL certificates validation can fail because the certificates appear to not be valid. So, correctly setting your time and timezone is important for this to work. However, I think you would get an SSL error in that case, not “Operation would block”.

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Firewall filtering is not a problem. I have tested good networking at this computer.

The clock was wrong. I’ve set the correct parameters. Didn’t fix it.

The Network app shows a good IP address from DHCP. DNS is set correctly. It shows traffic sent and received.

ping mit.edu in Terminal works, resolving the hostname and successfully sending pings.

HaikuDepot does not sync. SoftwareUpdater cannot sync.

I can’t install other software, so I don’t know what else to do to troubleshoot.

Previous Updates worked on this Intel NUC.

wget cannot get anything. It resolves the hostname and connects via port 80. Error message is “operation would block”. wget of an https URL also fails.

Are you sure your firewall doesnt do web filtering of any sort? Sometimes those require the firewall’s SSL certificate to be loaded on the end device.

Port 80 is unencrypted http, a cert of an interceptor wouldn’t help since it isn’t needed.

In any case, Operation would block as an error is not nice, it doesn’t tell much what is going on. Could you file a ticket at the bugtracker?

DNS should work (or not work) the same as any other service. The differences I can think of -

  • host can be in /boot/system/settings/network/hosts
  • DNS service may be provided by a router
  • of course DNS problems could affect other services

If that’s all irrelevant - you can use for a server and DNS still works, your host definitely isn’t in /etc/hosts, and your connections to other services fail even if you use the IP address - then it does seem there’s some kind of firewall interference.

Your using IP v5 there?

Haiku cannot fix problems in wget. We return POSIX error codes and wget displays them. There is nothing else we can do here. There is a fixed list of allowed error codes and we can’t add more.

Where is “here”? Do you mean nothing else to do about wget? I don’t think there’s a problem with wget. It is another way of showing symptoms of a problem. Looks like some kind of basic networking problem, perhaps involving the driver for the Ethernet hardware in this old Intel NUC?

I mean we can’t really control the error code that is shown by wget. We have a fixed list of error codes and we can only pick one of them. In this case it happens to be “operation would block”.

I made comments about the error message used, not about the underlying problem with ethernet cards, which we should investigate and fix . Then there will be no error message to show at all, that’s the best way to solve the problem, right?

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Thank you. I just wanted to be sure I understood your message.

I’ve filed bug 17211.

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Thanks. Please attach syslog and other logs to help.

I’ve attached log files to the ticket. Note that there are no messages logged when WebPositive and wget error out.