Objects virtual table

Can the debugger display object’s virtual table ?

i would warmly encourage you to ask over the maling list, as not every developer especially the one who is doing the dbugger development reads als forum posts here
So i would really suggest to subsribe to the development mailinglist:

if you are famniliar with gdb you can also use the gdb for showing virtual table … i guess:

The answer to this question is currently no. However, that having been said, from looking at the DWARF specification, it doesn’t offer a way to locate the vtable either. Section 5.5.7 indicates that for an individual member function, an attribute is made available to locate that particular function’s vtable slot if it is virtual, but this on its own does not offer enough information to locate the start of the overall vtable, nor its size. May I ask what it is you’re trying to accomplish by looking that up?

I’m just debugging class with complex inheritance and cannot understand why my method isn’t called but seems some other module requires rebuild at my side. Thanks.