Nvidia/GFX support

Haiku is now in alpha 4 which is great, I still don’t have wifi because there is no freeBSD support yet, is there no work being done on the Nvidia drivers anymore? This is the only other thing that doesn’t work in Haiku for me (doesn’t work as in I have a pathetic resolution). I’m using a GTX 560Ti


Just provide the technical specifications for your device, and I’m sure someone will be happy to work on it to provide a good support for this hardware !

Thanks, what do I need to include and how do I get it :smiley: Then only be wifi to go… :slight_smile:

oh listdev got it. https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/1588 seems that there are other nvidia cards though reported 9 months ago the last update … ? that’s why I wondered if work was still ongoing thanks

You missed starsseed smilie… :wink:

Nvidia have not released any documentation on how there hardware works so making a driver are hard to do and ATI and Intel has so they are more likley to be worked on.

Ok thanks for your answer, can Haiku not use freebsd gfx drivers like they do for wifi chipsets?

Or this:-


I’m not a programmer so I don’t know just shooting in the dark…

kallisti5 is the main developer working on 3D acceleration. He is currently working on getting LLVMpipe working from what I understand.

Then I imagine he will work on radeon for r600 chips and newer since he has worked alot on the radeon_hd driver (the 2D one for Haiku) but that said intel and nvidia should follow shortly thereafter.

Not bothered about 3D really, don’t see that I’d use it in Haiku for anything? Not like crysis 3 is coming to Haiku :smiley: I’d just like decent 2d acceleration and a higher resolution