[NOTICE] Server Upgrades Tonight!

We’re doing some server upgrades tonight.
I sent an email to our mailing lists but it appears freelists.org is down at the moment :open_mouth:

I’ll be extra-sure to keep http://status.haiku-os.org updated :slight_smile:

Good afternoon!

Just a heads up we will be attempting our server switch this evening. (4-5 Hours away CDT time)

Pretty much everything will be impacted in some way.

The following changes are happening:

1) Docker compose -> Docker swarm (single node for now)
    (more flexible long-term and we get secret storage)
2) online.net -> DigitalOcean (solve the horrible randomly 1 MiB/s - 130 MiB/s Managed iSCSI service that kill our services) block storage is 300MiB/s+ throughout all testing.
3) France -> Amsterdam (Still within the EU, woot!)
4) nightly images Our server -> Wasabi s3 (cheaper storage)

This is going to be one of the more risky changes we've done.
The rollback plan is switching back to online.net

Wish us luck! I'll keep everyone updated in this thread.

Thanks much for working behind the scene!


thanks:+1::+1: … i know how feeling migrating server :sunglasses:

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@masbrii you just posted that on the new server :open_mouth: :slight_smile:
Things came up WAY easier than expected. still working through all the services to find minor issues…


… seem easier with docker? … i’m just studying docker and migrating some webserver to docker… i’not confident yet to migrate more linux server to docker infras…

It’s been pretty easy with docker overall. We have jumped hosts multiple times. This was a change from docker -> docker swarm.

The migration is complete. Our nightly image repos are a bit of a mess, but repositories should be online as well as git + trac and all the other services.

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…thanks for your info… maybe i’ll bit play again with docker

Well done… great work!

only the mailling list is still not working! But there we have to wait only (freelists.org)

Thumbs up for this risky change.

Thanks for the updates and your work on the server!

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