Node.js now available in Haiku | Haiku Project

This is fabulous news! Yay!

Has there been any work on bindings so we can create UIs from Node? I believe someone was working on it?

Edit - ignore me - it’s already discussed in the blog post!

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Can you port ?

No, you’d need to port Electron, which means you’d need to port Chromium as well. That’s a very, very big undertaking.

This is awesome work!! Thank you and your team!!

Cool, we can now have as much bloat as everyone else \o/

Seriously though, thanks much, one less on my own TODO list :wink:

I believe NodeJS is a Firefox build time dependency these days… so I guess that’s one thing off that laundry list of issues before Firefox for Haiku happens. Congrats on reaching this milestone!

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Node is backed by V8. I believe Firefox has its own Javascript engine.

Nevertheless… it is a Firefox build dependency, a hard requirement at this point. Not not a runtime dependency.

I believe they use it for some sort of instrumentation of the build… as well as using to to wrangle web stuff the ship with firefox.

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I see! That doesn’t make much sense to me - why would you need a competing product to build your own one…?

I’m pretty sure Mozilla doesn’t see it that way… they just accept Node.js as part of the ecosystem and moved on with using it…

Congrat and thanks to every one involved. I think this means that some can actually use Haiku @work to put food on the table.


Great work… very usable…

Where do we report bugs? Create React App doesn’t work.

Please report all nodejs bugs and issues to HaikuPorts:

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I will add it.

Edit: added

Did we ever get the bindings for the UI released?

I haven’t had the time to fully clean it up yet, so there will be some issues when compiling them (just minor issues but they will be fixed). I’ve added documentation for the bindings but I’ll continue to clean it up on GitHub as soon as I release it shortly.

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Great, thank you.

The bindings have now been released here:


just for test purpose, i make a server… but the response in the browser never ends. Anyway the request are listen by node becose hes write in the console… work still needed in node or im doing some thing wrong?