No wireless connection (iprowifi4965 driver)

Hi to everyone!

I have a freshly installed Haiku R1 Alpha 4.1 release on my laptop with no real issues. My only problem is that I can only connect to the internet through a wired connection (marvell_yukon driver). My wireless hardware (Intel Pro/Wireless 4965 AG) is recognised correctly but no available wireless networks show up (/dev/net/iprowifi4965/0: No Link). No results through the use of the command line either (ifconfig /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0 list).

Any ideas?

Check this guide:
Try a recent nightly

Thank you for the swift response!

I have already been through all those guides at and followed the suggested steps but with no luck. I even tried recent nightlies, again with no luck. At some point though, I did manage to ping my router but haven’ t been able to repeat that step again…

Could you try to delete this two config files:

and move /system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/bin/marvell_yukon to Desktop and reboot.
Anyway, please report this issue at so it can be properly tracked.

Hi Diver,

I did try what you suggested and removed /boot/common/settings/network/interfaces. However, there was no wireless_networks file to be found in that same directory and I proceeded to move marvel_yukon driver to Desktop as you suggested. Rebooted. No improvement.

I will report this issue through the proper channel (BugTracker).


Wish we could get a fix for this one… between it and no Intel HD drivers my laptop is pretty much worthless where Haiku is concerned.

Try to boot with “disable local APIC” option set in the bootloader. Does it change anything?
Also make sure that you’ve run script.