No keyboard or mouse support, Dell Studio 17

Burned the R1-alpha2 ISO and it installs fine on my two older computers, but won’t work on my Dell Studio 17 because there’s no mouse or keyboard support. The specific model number of the Dell is s1737-020b. It gets to the window where you choose to install it or run it as a LiveCD, but can’t go any further due to the mouse/keyboard issue. I found the same thing with the first release of Haiku, and also various nightly builds I tried. Would love to get it to work on this Dell. It has Windows Vista and Ubuntu which both work fine with no mouse/keyboard problems, so I don’t think it’s a hardware problem. Thanks for any help.

That’s caused by driver bugs. My Dell laptop has working touchpad but no keyboard. I get around it by using USB keyboard until one day when they can fix the issue. This other Dell also has no working keyboard:

You apparently are hit with two bugs. One that affects mouse and the other for keyboard. Short term solution is to use USB keyboard & mouse because long while until those get fixed. You can try out a recent nightly but think these issues still present.

Hardware bugs are harder to fix because only certain developers know how and best if they have their hands on that hardware to test out with. Otherwise they have to go back & forth with bug reporter testing out different things.