No gratitude - To boot, he complains about free stuff

I’m used to seeing OS forums split up into sections like [installation questions], [application questions], etc. So, this thread may be in the wrong place. Anyway, the first thing I’d like to say is that I don’t mean to complain all the time. I usually take a second breath before I write about anything, and then I ask myself, “How much did I pay for it?” In the case of Haiku, I didn’t pay very much, and I received much (quite the deal). I want to say something about the installation CD, only because I think it might be an easy-to-fix sort of thing. One of my computers is a netbook with a cheapie external CDROM drive. Most operating system CDs load fairly smoothly, but the Haiku CD beats my drive to death. The drive has gotten to be on its last legs, and I think that situation may be (partially) due to the beatings it gets when I install Haiku. It seems that the drive is doing a large number of consecutive long distance head seeks, back and forth. Maybe the data is organized so that the groups of material that must be read from the drive are not very contiguous?

Believe me, Haiku is worth a cheap drive kill once in a while. But … maybe it would be easy to fix?

This is an interesting point - in this day and age of everybody expecting things to be on a USB stick, there’s probably not much optimization for CD access going on. I wonder if there isn’t a tool for that, but a Google search for “CD optimizer” turns up only utilities that are designed to optimize space usage across multi-disk backups, not actual access patterns…

I know the problem you are talking about, but it has not been so bad on my laptops.

However, my laptops have 2GB and 3GB of memory which in theory allows the entire CD to buffer in memory.

But my latest netbook has only 1GB of memory and I notice small pauses even when booting of USB sticks with a full Haiku install and additional programs and data.

How much memory do you have? And if 1GB, and if you get a chance to upgrade it, does the CD run better?

IIRC it’s only the .ISO images that show the drive head seek disorder. You should try the “anyboot” images. The .ISO images is a legacy option for people whose hardware refuses to boot the anyboot images. The anyboot image does filesystem overlays and employs a disk segment buffer which removes most of the excessive drive head movements.

(The thing is that all Haiku boot images contain the full set of files of the system - rather than a stripped down, CD-boot only subset. It’s the same set, and the essentially the same boot sequence as if it was booting off a harddisk. And the Installer basically does a copy of all content from the CD to the target harddisk partition; a plain copying procedure, minus setting up attribute indexes on the target volume.)

Images available here:

Haiku is currently in pre-release mode, producing release candidates for the alpha4. Regular nightly builds of Haiku are suspended. The RCs are published on the same page though:

If you do try an anyboot image let us know if it works better (or worse). TIA!