No ffmpeg-2.8.x in Haiku x86..?

I was glad when i saw the commit about this, but then after the update, big disappointment…ffmpeg-0.10.2 is still the one that is used in the latest Haiku images, can someone please update the x86 repo??

the x86 repo isn’t so often updated, the ffmpeg update didn’t get in x86_64 repo yet too.
To be fair, it’s a major update (in version number), so it’s OK to let it be fully tested on one repo, and only then updated on others, stabilizing a little is sure a good idea.
When you think x86 is too outdated, please submit a bug report with a list of packages. Someone could pick it up.


Yes you’re right the x86 repo is often left behind, i suppose by lack of interest? (people use more gcc2h or 64 systems), even the x86_64 one gets updated more frequently than x86 one.
I’ll submit a list of pkgs that need to be updated, maybe someone will have time to do it.

64 bit Haiku was updated with the latest ffmpeg. After some testing today, it appears to have fixed several bugs while creating some new ones. Overall it is an improvement over the old revision. Will 32 bit gcc4 builds also get this?

Sure. There is still a massive update of openssl dependencies to push too.

It would be a lot easier, I think, to track issues that are ffmpeg related if all the builds were using a common revision for MediaPlayer, Webpositive and MediaConverter.
When can we expect to see Webpositive updated to 1.5.1 for 64 bit builds?

FYI x86 has received a massive update (it didn’t go so smoothly but it should be ok now).

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the latest changes to Haiku have made it much worse. Updating to hrev49888 from hrev49882 causes all videos to crash MediaPlayer, regardless of format type. Opening a YouTube video will crash Webpositive. Vision will no longer connect to IRC.
I imagine this is only the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully it will get sorted out within a reasonable time frame.

Thanks alot Korli for the updates, i appreciate it, BTW another pkg in the x86 repo that is very old is Openjdk and it would also be nice to have Qt5, i tried to build it via haikuports it took about 10 hours on my old P4 3.0 ghz and then it failed at the packaging fase with some POLICY error, so gave up on it.