No disk space

Hi I have just updated my alpha 1 to an alpha 3, well done btw. I was about to install the optional packages when I wondered how much of the 10GB partition I had given Haiku, was left so I ran the disk usage app and it said I only had 1GB free. Of a 10GB partition. wtf!?

I installed the optional apps anyway and now I only have 420MB left. of a 10GB partition. Either you guys have done a superb job of fitting GB’s of data onto a CD or there is something weird going on. Or I am insane.

Any ideas?

I was wondering that too. It seems virtual memory is enabled by default on recent builds. If you check virtual memory in the preferences, it will be off, but a swap file is still made! So, just manually delete the file and reboot.


lol, thanks will try that

Thanks. One 8GB swap file deleted :slight_smile: