Nightly Images (with GCC4) or A4 (with GCC2) to develop apps?

What’s the best one to use? Is GCC4 going to be the primary GCC for Haiku or is GCC2 still going to be used? I have a few apps I want to develop on Haiku but need to know which to use to push out my programs. I want to assume the Nightly Images due to it having the latest GCC available, but wanted to find out first.



We will keep gcc2 as the main compiler until R1 is out. On R2, we will still support our gcc2 API/ABI, so programs built with that will still work.

If you want to use C99, C11, or C++11, gcc2 won’t make it,however. In that case, get the gcc2-hybrid image and use the gcc-x86 compiler. This is actually a version of gcc4. Working this way, you can build programs that will work for most people.

Definitely go from the nightly images, as Alpha 4 is currently more than a year old, and there was a lot of changes in the system, mainly with the introduction of the package manager.

Use r1a4 as the Nightly images change too much, and have too many errors to be a stable development platform. Nightly images are like pre-alpha software, everyghing is changing, and too much is broken.

GCC4 !!! gcc2 must die///

+1 with what Pulkomandy wrote.

agree about gcc2 must die.
But the thing is, also gcc4 has good chances to die!
clang/llvm is making great progress, and also gcc developers are asking themselves if it still makes sense to continue working on gcc.
The latest development version of clang is already a lot more feature complete than gcc4 and has a lot less bugs related to c++11.

how would one go about using clang/llvm in haiku?

GCC4, Clang or whatever. Just don’t get stuck in the past with GCC2, legacy stuff and vicious circle of backwards compatibility. In 2010s it’s just insane.