Nightly images, quick question

Hi all,

I have downloaded and tested many times the nightly images of Haiku (both the Vanilla image and the Pre-Alpha one), and my question is:

Normally we can have new images twice a week or even more frequently, but which are the differences between an image and the one of 3 days later??

Is there any place where we can see what changes in those images?

Thanks in advance

There is no changelog or the likes, for the images on haiku files.

You can use the changeset to look up the difference in each “minor release”.

So we can see that the difference between haiku-pre-alpha-r28799-raw and haiku-pre-alpha-r28800-raw is in fact only

This means you would have to look at each individual change-set from r28754 to r28775 to see the difference between haiku-pre-alpha-r28754-raw and haiku-pre-alpha-r28775-raw.

You can see a quick timeline here: