Nforce ethernet

I set up a new computer, ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium, and the onboard ethernet doesn’t work with Haiku, alpha2 or the version on my hard disk, r37466. The device(s - there are two) list as

vendor 10de: nVidia Corporation
device 0373: MCP55 Ethernet

Initialization etc. seem to happen without incident, up to a couple of “media change” reports, first media 0x22 quality 1000 speed 10000, then 0x800023 quality 1000 speed 10000. ifconfig shows it configured to media 10BASE-T. Then when I try to use it, the log shows an occasional “watchdog timeout (missed Tx interrupts) – recovering”, and ping fails with “no route to host.”

I can configure the LAN devices on or off in the BIOS, actually to begin with only the first was enabled. NetBSD works on the same setup, so I suppose the wires must be OK.

Anyone have a clue?

thanks …