NewsLetter please

Hi guys,

The lack of a newsletter and a proper statusreport is a problem. There hasn’t been a newsletter for months. Howabout a proper statusupdate about each of the kits.

May I notice that the Mediakit status is really confusing especially?

Sorry about that. If we dropped one right now it would even be stretching it to call it “bi-yearly”. To be sure, we do have a number of articles ready to go, but they’re all from the same author and we didn’t want to use them all up at once (kick-ass as they may be). Also, it’s been tough lining up with the editor…(nudge, nudge…)

It may be time to ask people for articles, but the dilemma is that the devs who can produce them are busy doing important things like coding. For non-dev articles, even advertorials for new or in-progress BeOS software, we welcome submissions any time.

I’ll go bug Michael and see what we can do. :wink: I agree, it’s definitely time for another newsletter.


right now, the problem is that there isn’t really a full time “editor”… or even part time for that matter. Someone used to handle this all, but has since been preoccupied with a new job. People have been sending me newsletters that they want to be used, but this turns out to be a bad idea, as I’m not very familiar with a lot of how the underlying code we have works, so I can’t verify any technical articles and must eventually pass them off to others to be verified.