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Hi guys,

since 2 Months no News at the mainpage. I think we need more News at the first page of the Haikuwebsite, cuz many ppl only looking there and not at the blogs. But it should be good to give them the feeling that haiku is alive and in development :slight_smile:

For me personal interesting (and i hope for others too):

  • Any plans about the first official Alpha? I know it’s hard to plan/say, but it’s hard (for me) to wait without an time-informations :slight_smile:
  • Whats with the M68k-Port? Any builds out there? My Mac LC III is waiting :smiley:

Thanks for your great work,


I don’t know yet if this will make the front page, but there could be some news coming up about two research projects at the University of Auckland using Haiku.

You view videos of the unreleased prototypes here:

"A more manageable multi-window interface"

"Multi-platform document-oriented GUIs"

I guess I’ve felt the same way about the lack of updates. I also check the R1/alpha1 tickets - it seems we’re stuck at 24. I’m sure that alot of hard work is going on behind the scenes, but it isn’t visible to the average looker. It gives me the impression of SkyOS except instead of being stuck in beta - it’s stuck in pre-alpha.

It just happens that there just isn’t a lot going on right now. Most people are waiting with baited breath for an alpha release…

The prototyping thing, while neat, is not actually part of Haiku at this point. I think the newsworthy part is that Haiku was used as the prototyping platform, but there was little mention in the videos of why that was done, so I personally think it would just be plain confusing to people watching the videos and thinking that was a feature of Haiku itself.

Anyhow, that’s just my opinion.

Agreed would be nice to have an update. I used to do occasional summaries of activity that had happened on the Haiku codebase. The problem is I got into backlogs, and don’t like missing stuff, so now need a huge chunk of time to go through all 5000+ commits that are waiting in my Inbox…

The fact is progress is happening but the devs are too busy to write it up, and maybe individual commits aren’t treated as significant enough to merit a mention on the front page. But when you add up all the changes they definitely make a noticeable difference.

The last time I updated my Haiku partition was the first time I got it to boot using DMA, the whole system was more responsive, there was a nice welcome document waiting on the desktop - the whole thing is getting polished ready for an alpha.

Just a case of patience really, but I agree more visible progress mentioned on the front page would be a good thing, and I’m still hoping to be able to help out with that.


Sounds good :slight_smile:

I know this is an old thread but I think it may still be relevant in a way.

I see the donations total has not been updated since March 30th, that was 5 months ago.

Being new to Haiku, other than an occasional look in once or twice a year - I like that PulkoMandy is regularly posting updates on the home page, makes it feel like an active project, which one does not get when looking at the download page :-

Current Official Version Information

Version: R1/Alpha 4.1
Release date: November 14th, 2012
Computer platform: x86-32

Yes the Alpha4 “button” this is indeed a problem. But the next release is just ~6 month away, and on the “get-haiku” site is a hint to the latest nightlies, maybe we should consider to move that hint somewhere to the top of that page?