Newest Haiku x86_64 crashes

I created a CD of a very recent revision of Haiku (64-bit). It gets to the disk icon and then KP’s, saying boot disk/sector/whatever not found.

Someone mentioned something about this, but not sure if a solution was ever found. Trying to install Haiku on the disk, period, so I can use the raw image and install that way, if needed. But the .ISO image won’t boot on any system I have. The system I’m trying to install to does not do USB boot. :frowning:

This is the same behavior, that i mentioned in another thread. This problem one have with every anyboot-CD, either 32 oder 64Bit. All ends up in a kernel-message: PANIC: did not found any boot partition.

Potentially new users imho won’t tell us about, because they will think: “Haiku is alpha and at the moment not ready for my system”. They not feel certain enough to register for the forum or for the bugtracker to open a ticket.
Most of us, if they had once installed Haiku with pm, do only a “pkgman update or full-sync” or for a quick test dd-ing to some partition. Therefore that problem remains undiscovered for a longer time.

If the drive partition information is what is confusing the Haiku CD (causing the KP) then shouldn’t unplugging the drive allow the CD to fully boot to the desktop? Or even disabling the controller to that SATA drive?

Also, if you totally wiped (KILLDISK) the drive, wouldn’t that also allow the CD to boot fully, since there would be NO partition information on the drive at all?

It is telling you that it did not find any boot partition. Not that it is confused by your hard disk, but that it somehow can’t find the partitions on your install CD.

Maybe the CD was not burned correctly, so the few first sectors work ok (enough to get the boot loader running), but somewhere later in the filesystem there is a problem. Maybe your CD drive has trouble reading it for whatever reason. Or maybe our driver for CD drives is incompatible with something.

So, wiping the hard disk is unlikely to change anything.

As for this not getting enough testing, in my case the problem is not “pkgman update” (I do that from time to time, but still). The main problem is most of my machines don’t even have a CD drive anymore, and I do clean install from USB sticks as it is much more convenient for me. But I know we have some users keeping an eye on CD installs.

Wait a sec… do you HAVE to use the 64-bit version of Haiku to install a 64-bit raw image of Haiku to a second partition and boot to it?

This is only a problem with booting the 64-bit version of Haiku, via Anyboot .ISO, correct? Not Anyboot .ISO for the 32-bit version of Haiku, right?

It depends, how you install it.
The Boot Manager is arch-specific, as it needs to be compatible with the kernel, afaik, but FIXME.

Dd-ing the image should still work.

He told He have problems with Both flavour.

But to be able to understand/help you, you should explain step-by-step what and how you Made the Boot Media and how did you tried to Boot it.

For me it is still something with the cd-rom driver, but maybe just PEBKAC.

What is the last revision of Haiku x86_64 that has a reliably bootable Anyboot .ISO? Or maybe there is a working CD .ISO of a PM-capable version of Haiku x86_64? If someone can point me to a specific revision, that would be great. I’d hate to have to go through a bunch of CD’s (“coasters”) trying to get one that works consistently across several systems.

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There was no recent changes in the booting code, so the latest nightly should just work. If it doesn’t, I would think the problem is likely elsewhere, because it seems to work for other users.

You can install an anyboot image to a usb flash drive. Instructions here:

I got the same problem after installation, but I’m waiting for my serial header connector to arrive so I can make an bug report about it. I’m not sure if it’s the same as this report: But it seems like it the same.

I had to start the installation in safe mode with SMAP disabled or I would get a “SMAP violation …” before the installation menu appeared. Got a free partition (/dev/sda4) partitioned with the installation program with “Haiku” as the label.

After reboot/installation, booting sda4 with grub just got me to “PANIC: get_boot_partitions failed!” + debug messages…

Please take the time to submit a bug report at