I really feel bad about starting a new thread at a forum I just now registered at, and if you want to delete it that’s fine!

Regarding the discussion we are having at “”“My Place”"" about loading Haiku/Boinc on a USB flash carrying an SDHC card …I’m having problems finding the resources!

I’ll hunt around some more and if anyone else is interested in this I’ll post more later

Hey Sport!

You should be able to get Haiku installed on that SDHC card by downloading one of our pre-built images from here:

(you’ll need one of the gcc4 images in order to run BOINC)

You can follow this guide I think, from either linux or windows, to put it on a USB device:

Let me know if you have any issues and I can help further.

  • Urias

Thanx…we can discontinue the discussion at my place and continue it here …I did post one last reply there…

Let me have a look see…

Since this thread belongs to Distributed Computing. I am wondering if there are any other projects (not including SETI) on BOINC platform i can participate using Haiku?

I am already running a lot of projects on my linux and windows boxes…

BOINC requires both the client and application to be compiled for the OS/CPU (ie: Haiku/x86). SETI provides open source and so would have been compiled for Haiku. Any other open source BOINC project should compile on Haiku too. Just a matter of getting someone to do it.

for reference:

I am already planning to compile one app :smiley: Just need to get some hints on compiling software on haiku :smiley: Because with the app i will have to compile Wrapper or BOINC API as well. I never did that before, not to mention that i am using Haiku since 3 days :smiley: