Newbie feedback, sound problem and postscript printing

I know this article,I read it and even translated it to German,it’s great.
But if the blog is intended to be used in this way,then it really needs more love.
The contents are 99% about monthly activity reports and contract reports.
I always enjoy reading them,they’re really informative.
But here it was suggested to have reviews as well,and (my idea) maybe write about what happens at independent Haiku-only applications,too.
I see (almost?) none of that on the official blog.

We could use more blog content definitely. I have a lot of ideas, just need to make time and start writing.

I do think a magazine format would be nice too, but maybe is a lot of work for the current size of the Haiku community. I imagine if this was made it would just be published as a PDF as printing small batches and shipping would be expensive. For me this is also more motivation for that native word processor.

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It’s not “official” in that sense, people with an account are allowed to post stuff like the lenovo article, and sometimes they do. I think it already works nicely.

Yes this was my thinking too. A magazine like the technoids in the past, but more neutral of reporting and not every writer wrtie there own seeing of things. And haiku only.

When talking about a magazine,I meant something like or where you can read all things online,and not an actual printed newspaper.
I absolutely agree that the latter would be too expensive to produce and would attract only a handful of readers,if any.
But setting up a Bludit instance or something like that isn’t difficult or expensive,we only need good content (and that consumes a lot of time).

Anyone can create a blog post if they have a github account. And if they don’t, send us patches to the website repository in another way and we’ll figure out a way to integrate them. Just because there is currently mostly blogs from me and waddlesplash doesn’t mean the blog is reserved to just us…