New user on system


Is possible to create second user on my haiku system?


Study the Su, useradd, userdel, groupmod commands in terminal.
There still won’t be login-prompt at boot, and the gui will still run as “user”, as Haiku Have no multiuser support like linux/unix, but you can run daemons in the name of another users, like sshd and stuff like that.


in future is planing create a multiuser support?



Hello and welcome! :+1:

This improvement is not in the scope of R1. Actually, is part of the R2 planning. So, will not be available in the short term.


Haiku is a fully POSIX compliant multiuser system. However, there are no GUI multiuser features that take advantage of this, and everything is run as root.


I think my last response was a little rude, I apologize.

Yes, it is possible to add additional users to Haiku. This should work the same way as on any other POSIX system.