New User - installing library files

I have installed BePodder - when I run it I get

"Could not open “BePodder” (Missing libraries:

I did a search and found that these files exist on the system but are zipped -

can you tell me the command line (or other) option to unzip and install these files in the system

where the software will find them. I come from a *nix background.

Also if a user can point me to a doc on the structure of the file system it would be appreciated.

Thanks again

zip-o-matic is for creating archives. For zipping files, not unzipping.

Zip archives can be expanded by double clicking in Tracker or you can use the ‘unzip’ command from Terminal.
unzip --help to see the options.

from what I remember it should be right click > tracker add-ons > zip-o-matic.

Haiku ports should have the latest version of those drivers, and it will put them in boot/common/~ , but I don’t know where BePodder would look for them.

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place the files in /boot/home/config/lib or /boot/common/lib , either will work. /boot/common was created for multiple user support, not implemented yet.

If you don’t want libraries used only by a single app “pollute” the system, you can also try to put those libs directly in a “libs” subfolder inside BePodder’s folder. Normally, that’s where an app should look first for needed libs. Don’t know if that’s also true for ports, but it’s worth a try.

You can find a filesystem layout in the user guide at but it’s not that detailed and I don’t know it really should be, but it shows the system behind it all. After all the naming of folders in Haiku is pretty transparent IMO.