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Hi there,

from now on, I’d like to quickly present apps that have been newly added to HaikuDepot. Once apps are automatically added by the buildbots, those might not be as easy to spot, but until then, I’ll try…

First up:


It’s originally created for the BeOS by Michael Wulff Nielsen.
From description of TimeTracker at HDS:

TimeTracker lets you create tasks for your various projects and shows them in a list. Via double-click on an entry you start/stop the timer on that task, thus helping you keep track of how much time you spend doing what.

The code was recently added to HaikuArchives and as it looked interesting, I ventured to see if it compiles and checked it out. As getting it to compile was easy, I decided to spruce it up a bit by making the GUI look a bit nicer and have it use layout management.

I do have some ideas about future features, but I probably won’t have too much time for that in the near future, or ever if there doesn’t seem to be much interest in the app. So speak up if you use TimeTracker, best with a rating and comment in the HaikuDepot application. :slight_smile:



Great! Is always nice to have new apps, specially when are a native one.

Thank you Humdinger!


Hi there!

Instead of presenting one new app, I’d like to make everyone aware of Michel Clasquin’s recent deluge of re-packaged little apps, documents and fonts at his repo. Have a look at his blog posts to see the sheer number of added packages this August alone.

Thanks, Michel, for your work!


PS: By the way, I edited the original post and title. Rather than starting a new thread for every app, I decided to simply add as replies to this one. Everyone is welcome to add their own post, should they stumble upon an app they want people to know about.


New on BeSly Software Solutions Repository: pkgman add-repo

Menu Sorter

Since embed the package management system in Haiku and virtualizing the menu directory structure, it is no longer possible, as in the previous versions to adapt the program menu on a simple way. The more programs are installed, the more confusing is the menu.

How this can still do, I explain in my tutorial “Patterning the automated Haiku menus”. Based on the experience I had acquired while trying out the idea for this program was created. Besides creating a sorted and self-chosen menus can subsequently maintain the Menu Sorter also easily installed programs. In addition, you can easily turn off when needed its own menu and activate again (Particularly interesting for creating screenshots for tutorials if you want to show the original menu).

Menu Sorter - How to

BeSly Software Solutions Repository Server


new little program to compile “quick and direct” c or cpp Sources.

only drop all Files of the Sosurcecode on the dropzone, configure the compiling string and go.

good to rebuild a shell tool or other souces without makefile.

watch out: “gcc - fast compile” on (haikudepot too)

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We add the program vEvent from ElmstreetSoft on out repository.

SPecial thanks to Adreas Wilcek (Elmstreet Soft to alow us to add his programs to our repository server.

Download over HaikuDepot and BeSly Software Solutions

It would be better to have a added time tab in HaikuDepot to easily find new added programs and files by just clicking at a"Created at" or “submitted” tab inside HaikuDepot itself.


Just in case, in the web ( you can sort the entries by date.

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I replied that to bruno’s ticket already, but it’s worth mentioning here as well: You can create RSS feeds for specific or all updated packages at the Haiku Depot Server.

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Ha. A South African.


New package of DiamondGirl available on BeSly Software Repository (


I change the game paths, so you can create your own level sets (tutorial how to do that later on

I also add a levelset created by my self (at work). I name it Door Land, because you need keys to open doors (tricker but makes fun).

Here it is:

My new yab IDE are available over HaikuDepot now:

this version is for testing and bug reports. Not all functions are available.


Today I have uploaded my incomplete game collection. These games I have created for my little son (4 years old), because he likes the puzzle games so much, and I have no desire to constantly buy the relevant books/magazines.

Meanwhile, the reality has brought me, because these games have already become too boring after a short time ;-). Unfortunately, I have not yet come to write more games for it, but somehow it will work.

If you also want to present your child simple games on your Haiku without your child can destroy something in the system (game is in full screen mode and the menu to end the program can only be activated with the Esc key) take a look at KIDS.

Included is a memory game, a counting game, a dice-counting game and an image-completion game.

Where we are with children, I have a new DiamondGirl package uploaded with new levelsets:

How to Play (Learn to play the game by simple tasks) 10 Maps
Kids (Small simple maps) 10 Maps
Doorland (My First Level Set) 10 Maps

Example: How to play

A new version of my HPKGCreator are available on our webiste and HaikuDepot (BeSly Repository server).

After a long time I have again occupied with the hpkg creator and made some extensions and improvements.

About: With the HPKG Creator one can build stand alone installation packages for haiku.


My little Sprite Editor is online:


Nice! Thanks for sharing it!

I am playing around with ImageMagick and store my learned knowledge into a simple gui:

I know clasqm do something like this too, splitting all features into smal apps. I does not want to compete with him, i just want to store my knowledge into something useful.

**clasqm: If you want to take a look, how i do this, the source is included the app folder too.

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