New to Haiku, Full of Questions


Hey Pulkomandy,

Yeah I’ve filed a bug, but maybe I’m not providing the right kind of information to be able to debug the problem.

I think there’s a way to get a log from a crashed system, but it crashes so hard I have to do a cold boot so the in-memory log doesn’t work.


I haven’t filed a proper bug report yet since I’m still working out the details of the OS itself, but I will. For me, the issue isn’t a crash, it’s a total display stretching effect. I’ve got the driver blacklisted so I default to VESA right now, but I’ll try to get a screenshot and better information when I can. Icons, the cursor, and the display itself just get stretched to two to three times their width. It’s hard to navigate, but not impossible


Bug reports are vital, just make sure to check if there’s a similar ticket first: Trac
If it already exists, consider commenting if you have information to add.
Also, check the Wiki on what makes a good bug report.


Yes, Google still allows that. Im connected even now to my hangouts account with Gajim (pure xmpp client) and talking with with my sister on her android. So we already have one of the most popular messaging system (although most of users dont even know, that they have it preinstalled and they are online with). :smiley:


Caya is able to chat with GoogleTalk (or whatever they call it these days).


I’m using Vacuum-IM and Psi+ found in HaikuDepot to connect to Facebook chat, ICQ and Skype at the same time using XMPP gateways. I have a XMPP server up and running that soon will be public for anyone to register with and use.

So if you know of the right technology, pretty much all IM services currently existing are available for Haiku with the current set of clients :slight_smile: