New to Developing For Haiku

This is my first post, I am a freelancer and HCI expert with some c/c++ background as well as current background as a developer consultant in c# and web/embedded platforms. I am interested in Haiku development(as i was interested in BeOS development before it closed) but would like to have a list of the things(applications, operating systems) needed to compile in a recommended build environment as well as the CVS/Versioning system information to get the source from, I dont really do optimized code but I do make prototype applications rapidly. Oh my specializations are HCI, graphics, logic systems and input devices. thanx and keep up the good work


Hi Lewis,

I am not a Haiku dev so I can’t help a whole lot but there is a list here that tells you what tools you need to start. - Alternative OS News - Nerfd Technologies - Online Software & OS Store

Welcome Lewis!

For further questions I recommend going to the mailinglists ( ). The web-forums are for the time being virtual devoid of developers. :slight_smile:


Welcome! I’d recommend getting onto the Creative Design Team list and the glass elevator mailing list. The CDT list is used for usability discussions when the need for such comes up and the GE list is for R2 ideas, which is where usability stuff is needed ATM. I’m not sure exactly when Haiku will start formally planning for R2, but when it does, I will certainly need your help and input. :slight_smile: