New Project: SystemCleaner

I’m working on a little piece of software to clean up the system. This will look similar to my backup program LBackup. To do this, I am looking for all possible areas that could be queried.

So far I have the following in mind:

  1. Trashcan
  2. Mail folder (spam, junk, output)
  3. Administrative files (only with multiple inquiries due to loss of recovery)

If there are programs that are not preinstalled, that’s not a problem because I want to check any presence beforehand.

I would be happy to get a few tips / ideas here.



Nice that would be really nice to have. over time when re installing/update the same image there are alot of garbage in the home folder.

Perhaps a option to whipe home for things you don’t know what it is. (with a backup so one can restore it)?

Filwip has all the features I need and can think of.
Check that app, maybe its better to add missing features to it if there is something you miss?



Yes i know this tool and it is ok, but i want to make my own expierience.

And another poit is that it looks like it deletes all previouse system states without a selection, so i lost all recovery data right?

Didn’t know it existed :slight_smile:

That’s true, it would be useful if the system states to delete could be selected.

Two things come to mind:
firstly, I wouldn’t expect a system cleaner to delete any emails, ever. Some other users might have similar expectations. (The only reason for a Junk or trash folder is to be able to restore deleted emails anyway)

For system states: these currently cannot be deleted in isolation, deleting some will make others unbootable. If you know how you can mitigate that, but it is not that easy.
A tool to “compress” states might be more usefull, that is the longer away a state is the less individual states you would keep around for example. Ideally the OS should just do this itself though.

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Does FilWip perform scheduled automatic background clean up tasks?

I dont think so, but its backend engine can maybe be separated and be used with crontab?

I think that thumbnails and application settings should be wipeable.

Please god, no. Let the ‘70s end.

Good ideas stays, that why I am using an editor from 1976 :wink:


I just hope that’s vi and not … the other one :wink:

Do we already have a gui program to schedule tasks?

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working cron implementation at all?

Why would you implement cron? it’s design has severall shortcomings that make it unsuited for a desktop computer. If we want a task scheduler we should just do our own imo.


I had to use cron on servers often enough to know that it’s really not fun.
Creating a own task scheduler for Haiku that’s more user-friendly is a great idea in my opinion.

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I would ask 2 features for SystemCleaner:

  1. Remove settings (and other cached files) for uninstalled applications.
  2. Find duplicated files (e.g. images) and allow deleting duplicates.

Any news? :slight_smile:

Sorry, not so much time at eh moment. But FilWip does the same job as my project will do too at the past (my project: try and learning).

Haiku Depot Server (

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