New preflet released- Depots

I just released a preflet I wrote called Depots. The goal of this preflet is to make it easier for new users to find and manage depots/repositories used by HaikuDepot. I have added all the depots I know about, but if there are more let me know. It could also be used by power users to manage multiple URLs from the same server. Please try it and give your thoughts:


Very nice, Brian, this is fantastic!

Is there anything I can do to have you consider donating that to Haiku to be included in the HaikuDepot application? I think it would fit in there really nicely.

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This is Fantastic, Thank you.

Looks good. There is also the mlotz repo (hmm, are we going to call them depots or repos? :grin: ) but it is experimental and for advanced users only ATM. Still, I believe that is going to be the model for Beta 1. The GuestOne repos haven’t been updated for a very long time and seem to be offline ATM, so I guess you got us all.

I think that would be great, I am all for making adoption of Haiku easier and finding software is a big piece of that. Were you thinking of keeping a separate preflet/app or integrating it into HaikuDepot itself?

Yeah I prefer repo myself but I kept with the terminology used in HaikuDepot to help avoid confusion.

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the guest one repo has many old packages who does not run on current nightlies any more, iirc

I’m all for integration.
I added some possible enhancements as issues at your github. :slight_smile:
If you’re satisfied with the state of it, you could look into integration and provide a patch. I’d be happy to help, as well as the haiku devs, I’m sure.

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I just released version 1.1.0, looks much cleaner and is faster. Thanks to Humdinger for submitting issues and testing. Any interest in having this a part of the Haiku build? This would make it easier for new users to find additional software repos.


I’ll be happy to host the gcc2 and x86_64 on my repos for you until you are all set up to get it into the standard build.

That would be very nice, thank you! I submitted a patch via trac last night so hopefully someone will look at it to commit. I decided to rename the preflet to “Repositories” and patched HaikuDepot to use that word instead of depot where appropriate, so if you have Depots installed it won’t conflict at all if/when the Repositories preflet is approved.

OK, done. I have changed the vendor field to “clasqm”, otherwise it won’t work with my repos.

I also put in

conflicts {

That way, when your official version comes out on Haikuports, it will automatically uninstall this one. If you want to make absolutely sure this happens, you can put in

replaces {

Wow! Great work @Perelandra0x309 we should get this tool built-in to the OS. The code style looks pretty on-par with our style guidelines.

The repositories are technically just repositories. HaikuDepot is more of a “software center”. (Like the american HomeDepot chain sells tools, HaikuDepot “sells” free software :stuck_out_tongue: )

I saw you used our package kit code to write this, you likely saw my complaining on the ML, any chance of helping us out with the software updater app? ( It is a key need for R1 update management.

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Here’s the patch to review and merge:

I’d be happy to help out. I am currently working on some notification server stuff but I’ll do what I can. I mostly just copied what was in pkgman but adapted error handling to a GUI. I saw your software updater and that was part of my reason for not merging my code directly into HaikuDepot as other software like an updater may want to launch it to allow changes to the added repositories.

Very cool indeed! Thanks. :slight_smile: