New Polish site for Haikunauts!

Привет! As does not exist, I should fill the gap. - That webpage is fully developed under Haiku. Node.js, Hexo, Koder, Terminal and especially Stack & Tile, are very powerful and modern set of development tools.

The site is not only about Haiku because computer use is part of a larger whole.

You can read in English thanks to Google Translate with 90% language precision.



Dziekuje Bardzo!


BTW I was paid for that article - (february 2020).

Excpert by Google Translate:

When I read Haiku on the internet, I think about BeOS’s 64-bit heir, written in C++. The modular structure allows the development of individual elements in relative isolation. The system comes with a package manager based on libsolv from openSUSE. An interesting feature is that packages are not installed, but mounted read-only. The BFS file system supports metadata (extended attributes). The native WebPositive web browser is based on WebKit. The GUI does not break with the classic desk metaphor. Scheduler supports 64 cores, and future change requires simple code changes. The decision on the number of processors supported was dictated by the memory saving. POSIX support. In June 2018, the beta of the first release was released.

In the past we have very proud community. We have fought countless fanboy wars wtih GNU/Linux folks, but we blooded out ;-).


I even met with a member during my summer practice in Rzeszów. It was a great time!

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With who? Hugen?

Sorry, i cant really remember to his name, it was around 2007 and somehow we got drunk :wink:


You can read another writing inspired by Haiku, „Béton brut WebDev” -


You are clearly man of culture!

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