New Palm phone (or companion, really)

Well, as everyone here probably already knows, Palm has a place in Be history… and so, I’m sharing this off-topic as a ‘Palm’ thread.

The Palm website ( which I check from time to time for nostalgia, hoping it’d be back, is back. Apparently, from what I’ve read, TCL has licensed the rights to the Palm brand to a startup and thus a ‘new’ Palm is born.

At first, this was really, really exciting… until finding out its going to be a ‘companion’ for a smartphone rather than a true phone. And it’s going to run Android, not (open)webOS, luneOS, etc. Then the disappointing part of it sank in.

All things considered (now that I’ve shared the good/exciting part of the news and the bad news), what do people think of this?

It’s a sort of nice idea, but why android?

And I don’t really see carrying a mini smartphone with your smartphone catching on…

I’d quite like something the size of a credit card that uses epaper and lasts for months that I can stick in my wallet for notes and shopping lists and stuff (like a rex).

And I can see the point perhaps of this device in tandem with a gemini PDA.

Be interested to hear other views.

As you stated. This means it wont be a palm device for legacy purposes (updated with storage & features, for example) nor a smart-palm (as it would fall short compared to our already owned smartphones).

As much as i liked old school casios agendas(and have one working with original battery), and palm era PDA (with wince, ewwww), a companion hardware might not work.

The most obvious solution to too much technology is obviously more technology… X.x

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“we tried to build a smartwatch, but we could not make it small enough. We can’t really advertise it as a mobile phone either”

Looks to be a very useless gadget to me. Recycling the Palm brand won’t save it.


I don’t think I’m tattooed enough, young enough or pumped enough to fit the target audience for that device, sadly.

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I watched the site and seem like if it was a cheap product then… maybe… but i doubt it. And if you are in the smartphone range of 100+$, you could ehem, buy a cheap secondary smaller phone and have data & apps synced through the net.

Pc World article

It doesn’t have an actual name. It’s just the “new Palm phone.”
It runs Android.
It’s Verizon exclusive.
You need to have another Verizon mobile phone to activate it.
It costs $350.

No Verizon in Spain, not buying.
350$, good luck being a in a mid range smartphone price, can get 2x samsung inflated price smartwatches for that much cash.

350$ is more than I paid for my main phone. But it seems phones keep getting larger and larger and people want something smaller, so they are doing “mini phones” now. Good news for Sony and their lineup of “compact” phones I guess.

I guess the “food size cycle” also applies to tech hardware?

Me too. I just grabbed a Mi A1 (~ 200-250$?), and I’m happy with that. Even bought it for the screen that’s big enough.

And yes, having had mobiles that shrink, now that grow, i agree on the cycle.

What i really want is some kind of eink screen device like my kindle, but with a little more smartphone features. Dont need a 15day-1month lasting battery, but… just that.

Verizon are atrocious in the US. You’re not missing anything.

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My bro is on MintMobile (T-Mo MVNO)… He pays about $200 for a year of service with 2GB LTE + unlimited 3G. Also using a Nokia 3.1 that he likes.