New on haiku: easier way to install softwares?

Hi, I’ve installed the latest nightly image on my Acer Aspire One 531h… and it works fine, but:
what 's the easier way to found more programs and to install them?
I’m searching another web browser (chromium/firefox?), an ftp client and an app like gimp.


The best web browser is the one baked in…WebPositive…it is mostly HTML5 compliant and the missing parts are constantly being added/fixed by PulkoMandy.

For the other apps, there are a few FTP clients on Also, Haiku includes a CL Ftp Client, if your comfortable with that. As for drawing, Haiku does include WonderBrush (mostly a paint app, I think). Not sure if there is a Gimp port for Haiku/BeOS.

Right now the easiest way to find software that works is the app HaikuDepot. There are more at haikuware and bebits, but with the current system (package management) many of them don’t work out of the box.

About the browser, QtWeb works well for me (although it crashes if I allow ssh in the pop-ups). I don’t know if it supports HTML5 but it has nice features and speed. The current WebPositive has some errors. You can install QtWeb from HaikuDepot (it will install other things needed first).

Right now I can’t remember any ftp client, and I don’t know if Gimp was ported. You can try WonderBrush for image editing, you can download it from HaikuDepot.
Once Calligra is being ported, maybe there will be a port of Krita.

1 Terminal
pkgman add-repo

2 HaikuDepot (GUI)


thank you for your answers.
pkgman is cool and simply, Haiku provides good performances for my old netbook, better than linux and much better than windows. Now, I’ve wait for software (gimp, libreoffice etc…)