New in HaikuDepot


There was a bug in setting the link to the menu. This bug is fixed now.

Thanks to @lorglas to report this bug.


New Version of Repomaker is online. Bug Fixes on 32 and 64 bit.

HPKGCreator 64Bit is avaiable in repo.


My latest tiny Tracker add-on “Open Origin Package” is now in the HaikuDepot. It shows from which package a file comes from.

Open Origin Package is a Tracker Add-On that finds the package(s) of any selected file(s) and opens it in the preferred application.
By default that is HaikuDepot where you could uninstall the package, or look at its description or the ‘Contents’ tab to see what other files are part of that package and where they are.

The source is available at GitHub.
I’d much rather have this functionality in Tracker’s “Get info” panel, see ticket #10528, but my code-fu is just too lame. :slight_smile:
I’ll happily remove the package again, if anyone solves that ticket…


I upload my new project, a GUI for fan made levelsets of Alex the Aligator 4.

I collect levels from the internet and add a preview picture to the archiv. i create a list to select the levelset and a second one to start beginning the selected level, so people can play the they want and does not need to play other good known levels again and again (Alex4 with custom maps does not have the menu option to select completed levels).

This is a early version, i will work on it time by time… (Watch out HaikuDepot too)


Is in you add-on included the files copied or linked to other position over a post- install-Script too?


Normally, yes. Every file that gets packaged gets the attribute “SYS:PACKAGE_FILE” with the file name of its HPKG.

As long as the post-install script copies files that were in that same package, it works. It does not work for files created by the application of that package or, for example, if there were some ZIP archive that gets expanded by the post-install script etc.


New on our 64bit repo (only website:

Hermes (Jump and Run)


Funnily enough, I just recently realized that HaikuDepot doesn’t show the “Uninstall” button when started with a package (i.e. it’s in “single-package-window-mode”). I filed ticket #14821 with that.

Question: Until that ticket is solved, would it make more sense to just open the folder of that package and select the HPKG?
If people wanted to uninstall, they can simply move/delete the HPKG. If they wanted it opened in HaikuDepot, it’d just be a doubleclick/pressing ENTER.

(I’ll soon publish an update. If anyone wants to provide a missing translation, please do so at Polyglot.)


I have just finished the Portuguese translation. :wink:


Playing around with Alex the Allegator bring me up to search for the colored edition of the PSP port of the game. I found them and create a new package:



Back again online past alpha 4.1



Can BeSly get running on HTTPS? You can get a free certificate via LetsEncrypt.


Hello Nighthawk,

yes is possible, but not yet. i search for a new server and then i will change all sites to https.



Awesome, thanks!