New in HaikuDepot


Because it is a try and test work, only a how it can be. The haiku team can made it like they wont. But one thing is important, it need to be run able without Internet.


The welcome page is bundled in the releases, on the desktop, and viewable without internet.
Documentation is one of the very few cases where I think a browser will do a better job than a dedicated application.


Is this really true? i delete the desktop file for long time and just search for it in order to add it into my “first steps” example. I only found a bookmark connecting to the website, not from the disk. This to files different (desktop and the link to the welcome page included the system paths)?


This has been said 4 or 5 times already. The file is included in releases. It is not installed in nightlies which are made as small as possible to reduce storage space needed on our servers and download times.


I have clean up our tutorial finder (need to change all links and add new ones) and build a new hpkg. With this gui you can browse all tutorials of our knowledge base (old one).



UploadIt is a Tracker Add-On that uploads a single file to the online service The Null Pointer at . The URL for the uploaded file is put into the clipboard after the upload has finished, ready to be pasted into an email, a chat window or forum post.

According to The Null Pointer, files can be max. 512 MiB and are held at least 30 days and max. a year. The bigger a file the shorter it’ll be available. There’s a nice ASCII art diagram on their website. :slight_smile:

So it’s best suited to quickly upload a screnshot, syslog, etc. and forget about it. Not so much to backup files for posterity.


Very good idea, i like


Info: our 64bit repo server is online. Thanks to lorglas to do this work.

We are working on the packages for 64 bit


New Version of our HPKGCreator available



New little game online:

Still yet another sokoban - 32bit only



HaikuDepot could have another tab for this purpose, simular to “Featured Packages”. Something like “Recently added” or “Recent packages”.


Why? You can add our Serben and then you can see our files too.

And if HaikuDepot check every Server all the time it could be lost speed using the system or internet


I meant the HaikuDepot application, not the repository. A way to let new applications or notable updates stand out in a separate section, like the current “featured” tab.


Great, I love Sokoban and was already searching for a sokoban version for Haiku. Any chance that we also get it on 64bit?


It is 32 bit only. If anyone have fun to port it:

You also can try ‘be can by be donkey’ by lorglas

@lorglas: we need a 64bit Version of you game


If the date a package was added were part of the data received from HDS, it could be an optional column “Date” that people can sort after.
Then there’s still the RSS feed mentioned in post #10


Compiles and runs on 64bit without any problems :slight_smile:
I will try to make a recipe tomorrow…


Loglas and me are doing some experiments with tracker add-ons. We create some add-ons with help of Adam on last BeGeistert in Hamburg.

A first package is available with all add-ons we are created using the command line tool ImageMagick. I create some icons but not for all, we need some help now ;-). >> “ImageMagick Tracker Add-Ons”

Tha package are experimental, because we does not know how to do it right. All in one, every add-on separated…


yes that would be a good idea…


It is a good idea.