New in HaikuDepot


Mass Picture Converter

My new little program is out and available over our repository server (HaikUDepot or Website:

A little program to convert images using ImageMagick. Only drop your pictures or a folder to the dropzone, select a operator to convert the pictures.


New version of HPKGCreator is out. You can found it on our repository server.


I have found an error in the program. This is fixed and now available.


The Jump and Run Hermes is current available from our repository server ( Thanks to and the porter for this great funny little game.


Is this supposed to be a Hypercard-like program? Something where users can make simple programs using a human readable syntax?
Or is this closer to WinHelp files?


Helpviewer is closer to windows help files, but much better.


Could it be used to make simple applications or scripts with GUIs?
It’s just that it reminds me of Hypercard so much, that was a pretty good programming tool for the novice user.


Try yab now, it can be bind on the yab binary like a executeable file or run as script


And have you tried yab now?


Egsl and the egsl ide now online

The first game created in egsl too: 1945 shooter. More will come time by time (“by lorglas”)

Some games too, take a look



I’m just curious, though where is the source of the apps available at Besly? Or is it a more closed source repository…


Its different, some sources are closed and some open. If they are open and available i include them into the program folder (package).


Some egsl games are online on our repository server :

Bubble chain
Spaces shooter
Santa catch them
Going deep


Ah, I see, thank you!


I rework our very old Gobe Office Templates package in yab. I rename it to Office Tempates and add the option for other office suits.


Inspired by a discussion in the forum, I created a startup window for newcomers (Like in Linux). Here are all important information that the new user needs. In addition, this little script includes a tour of haiku with the important haiku specific things.


We have put his HiQDock onlien for hey68you. They are looking for eager testers.


Very good idea… great work thx… lelldorin…


As I mentioned in another thread, this is a really good idea. We really do need this in Haiku – badly. And I’m thankful it’s come to BeSly. However, I really wish this could land in the official Nightly (even if just as a ‘trial run’ for a few weeks, so users could test it and provide feedback to make it a polished part of the OS. :smiley:


As mentioned in that other thread, it’s currently a collection of mainly the same web-links that are on the Welcome page.

I had a quick look at the Tour. It’s IMO too elaborate (maybe there should be a brain-storming thread in the forums first to identify the most important topics for newcomers) and slides are either changed too slowly or too fast, there’s no pause or going back.

I wonder, why it’s done as a yab script instead of plain HTML, maybe with a javascript slideshow if people feel it’s important to avoid pressing on a next/previous button. A set of HTML pages can be viewed online on any OS. It also hugely facilitates cooperation, best by putting everything into a github and accepting pull-requests.