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The more the merrier, lelldorin. If we don’t try out different approaches, how are we going to move forward?


Thanks for your understanding

Version 0.2-1 is out with

  • 31 imagemagick functions
  • undo/redo/restore


Hi Lelldorin, I’ve found a pair of issues:

  • the first one is that, when I double click on the title bar, the app doesn’t minimize in the Deskbar (as the other applications does)

  • the second is that when I load/drop images in the applications, these looks very small, as you can see here:


Ok i upload a new version 0.2-2

  • I active minimizing the window
  • Check the image size for display in the right ratio
  • If the image does not display correct you can switch the preview using the view menu “Change ratio”
  • Add Websites


Wow, very quick fix/improvement! :+1:
I’m testing it now and is better.
Many thanks, I will let you know if i find somethin else to fix or to improve!


Well, for now I find that the “change ratio” will distort the image:

Maybe can you also add the ability to zoom in/out the image, as ShowImage on Haiku is able to do? (also with the addition to move the image, to see a different section of the zoomed image)? Well, however thank you for your work and efforts!


There is a big problem management the pictures because they does not have the right attributes of width to height, they often have (at jpg) Height to Weight, so i add the Change ratio, that people can change the preview if it is not displayed correctly.

But i need to store this changes in the temporary file and does not change only the preview display.


At the moment i does not have any idea to do that. Let me thinikg and testing about it.


Not yet in the Depot, but still a work in progress… WebViewer


ImageMagickGUI Version 0.6 online

new look, because you have booth, the original image and the manipulated image.


Great work and improvements!

I have a request: can you implement hue modulation
and saturation? :slight_smile:


Would be also good to change the way to apply the values: sliders instead of text fields, and also to see the changes in real time :slight_smile:

Edit: I noticed that convert > channel > saturation (and also lightness) currently, seems that does nothing.

Reviving the community

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have played around and add “convert -modulate value1, value2, hue input output” (not released). And also some other stuff will be follow next. If you have more like this tell me.

I thinked about it at the beginning too, but i stop do this for the moment, because i does not now, in all parts, how does the range for the values. I have also the problem that i does not can make values to select with a point insite, like for the “hue” function. A real time view will be hard work i think, because it will slow down the process (yab is a script language).

The output image changes up to minus 0.02 KiB, so it does anything. But i have seen that this function will be used to “-separate” colors. I will see and learn.


Many thanks to you for this nice app!
I also made an icon (composed using already available icons) to recall “Image Magick” :

If you like it, feel free to add it to your app! You can download the hvif icon from here:


Very nice artwork, Giova.


Thank you, but I don’t deserve this, since the author of these icons is Zumi:

I just composed these two icons in Icon-O-Matic :slight_smile:


Thanks for the icon. I will be using it at next release.

Can you explain how do you make this icon? Would be an interesting tutorial for the besly knowledge base.

** New version online 0.7-3


New version of ImageMagickGUI 0.9.1-1

  • Reorganisation of the operators menu
  • Template system
  • More options

Fixes in Version 0.9.1-2

  • Menu will be displayed in template creater again
  • Doubled entries in the template creater menu are fixed


I have always wanted something like this. A Markdown browser.


many improvements, but still not ready for prime time:

It can now resize the text and the Window, it saves the text size and Window size on exit. Still need to get history working and allow one to set the home page.