New Haiku t-shirt

Some years ago I ordered the Haiku LW2008 golf shirt from I wasn’t very happy with its quality. The fabric was kind of transparent and the printing was poor. It ended up forgoten in my closet.
I am now considering printing my own shirt, one that I would actually use. My inspiration is the boot screen and the result would be similar to the image below (with all the icons lit):

ROS (Robot Operating System) creates limited edition t-shirts for each release. I think this is a neat idea to celebrate milestones and bring some extra income to the project.

I want that :slight_smile:

If that shirt came out, I’d definitely purchase one!

Interesting . . . I would need one or two. :slight_smile:

I like the design, if Haiku was ready for release, it would advertise the O/S nicely, but I think it would be premature at this stage, as Haiku is still in Alpha!