New formatting does not work

Dear HAIKU community

( I am using translator, I speak basic English )

I want to install format a single hard drive with Haiku.

My operations:

  • my hd was wiped with DBAN Darik’s Boot and Nuke
  • in Bios menu UEFI is disabled
  • I burned Haiku’s iso

After starting the PC there is the image Haiku but The CD runs slowly and black screen forever.

( Before doing this I tried installing a Linux distribution and it was ok with his dvd)

Thanks for reply, please answer in a simple English

Try the boot options at startup. Press space bar then the CD starts to run.

Test with several Settings for versa mode und other

I recommend to install Haiku by using USB disk. CD/DVD is very slow compared to USB and it is basically obsolete nowadays. You can use Rufus in dd mode to write anyboot Haiku image to USB disk.