Networking not working after install from .ISO (vmWare Player)

Hello team-

I downloaded and ran the .vmdk from here and it runs just fine in vmWare Player. I have also installed the .iso, into a separate vm, and while I can boot, I have no networking support, and nothing is present in /dev/net

The first install is sucessfully using the iPro1000 driver, so I’m guessing it’s patched somehow?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Alpha2 looks spectacular, BTW


check your virtual machine to see what network driver it wants to use.

vmWare defaults to unsupported one and you need to change it in your vmx (config) file.

There have been some network changes and bugs that have come recently (in nightlies) which may also be affecting you. Though I would first check what I said above. I assume both are not Alpha 2?

OK, that was easy enough.

Just copied the ethernet lines from the .vmx of the first .vmdk over to the .vmx of the second.

Writing this post from that machine now.