Network stack issue? still!

Hi guys, i know ive mentioned before about the network stack with Haiku that it has issues and i thought i had tracked it down to Net+, however, thats NOT the case , although using QupZilla made the issue less evident.

I am transferring a 1.81gb file from my NAS to my Haiku64 desktop… Takes 3 hours… tops out at 154kb/s and thats through my wired gigabit network. not using the wifi stack.

Def something off… :frowning:

This is not the right place to report bugs.

Please head over to the bugtracker, and if possible add a tcpdump capture of the upload process when you notice network is slower than it should be (beware, it will include everything that goes through the network card, so make sure no personal information gets in there).

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Yes, we have some bug in the TCP stack. I think @pulkomandy ran into it again in the last few days and said he’d investigate.



I have the same problem. Quite strange is that I can easily get access to the local uni web site. Tcpdump shows that packages are sent and received, but once I try to visit, say, google or yahoo, sites outside the campus, run HaikuDepot, - no access. Could you please advice what to do.

This is still not the right place to report bugs.

Ok, sorry. Done

WiFi Intel N6235

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