Network security in Haiku

Hello. I would ask about the current status of network security in Haiku. For anyone using Haiku on real hardware, there are some security tips? In a future (Beta, or R1), Haiku will have a embedded firewall ?

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Hi Dario,

at the moment the network is not stable at all (at least wifi) so it not only contains security bugs just normal “bugs” are the challenge.

At the moment i would think you are quite secure because there are no serious attacks known for haiku. An because our market share is not noticeable at the moment this will stay a little this way.

Firewall is not planned and from what i know no one is working on some security solution. The best way to protect your data will be anyway a localy encrypted image or drive… from what i heard trycrypt was supported at some time.

Just found this:

Hi! Thank you for you answer. That issues apply also for a “wired” connection?

Thank you!

I would like something like this as network security:

A long time ago, there was a program called “netLock Monitor”. It can be found here: Unfortunately, it is no longer being developed. Also the download does not work anymore. Potentially, you can contact the developers.

Not knowing much about how Haiku works, but I think you will find at least a basic firewall will be in your access point.

There’s hardware-based firewalls, so you don’t necessarily have to have a software-based one… but I’m sure there will be a solution. I agree with a previous poster to just encrypt stuff if nothing else.

Thank you to everybody, for your answers.