Network problem in new PM nightlies

I have been using Haiku as my main system for almost two years now and just changed to the new PM nightlies but have encountered some problems with it so far.
The biggest and most annoying problem is that my network settings ( IP-address etc.) get messed up by default and I cant connect to the internet. I change them but then they get messed up again and it allways takes me three or four attempts until I can finally connect and this is indeed tedious and annoying.
All advice about any solution or workaround would be most welcome.

Which version are you running? I’m having the same problem on hrev46531. Are you going to submit a bug report? I usually hesitate about filing bug reports on nightlies, since they’re sometimes out of sync for a day or two. But … if this phenom stretches through many hrevs, then it’s a real bug left behind …

Please fill bugreports. The only thing you risk is someone pointing to the revision where things got fixed. We will not get too angry for this.

I didn’t notice any problems with network support here, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t. Please provide complete information: the hardware you use (listdev), the network configuration you’re trying to use, etc.

Hi to you both!
Seems like we have been thinking in exactly the same direction Ronald. At the moment I am on hrev46537 and the problem have existed with all the PM nightlies I have tried. So yes, this time I will submit a bug report about it.

I’m having similar problems with 46601. The first time I booted into it, the network preflet found the Intel adapter, but wouldn’t go online. The next time(s), no wifi adapter in the dropdown list. Now it’s lost my mouse.
This post is coming from an Alpha 4 partition on the same machine, a Thinkpad t500. The adapter is recognized on this machine as an intel 4965/0. It shows up as an intel prowireless 5100 using listdev in the nightly.