Network HW choices

Hello you there!

I plan to retire my old 10mbit network card and replace it with a 100mbit thingy. Does anyone have suggestions what to get that will most probably be supported by Haiku? I understand R1 may be some time off yet, but there’s no reason not to plan for it today…

Thanks a bunch!

Advice: Go straight to 1Gbit. Most cheap Realtek 10/100’s are supported for R5, but Haiku already has its own support for Realtek and Intel 1000’s, and there are opensource BeOS drivers for Broadcom 1000’s and closedsource ones for 3Com 3C940 1000’s. Thats most of the market, as R5 already supports the (ancient) Hamachi 1000’s. They all work in 10/100/1000 modes.

Thanks MYOB. I didn’t realise just how cheap those gigabit cards have become. Amazing! I just ordered one with a Realtek RTL8169 chipset that should be supported by Marcus’s driver. Let’s wait and see…

Oh, the Broadcom 100 and Broadcom 1000 drivers have now become part of the Haiku CVS tree.