Network connecting and disconnecting constantly

Hello there! I have recently managed to install Haiku on a USB to use with one of my old laptops, alongside another Linux OS on an HDD. Although rather quickly, an issue has started to occur.

First off, I connect my laptop to the internet by connecting an ethernet cable to the port on its motherboard. The laptop is to use WiFi because of its age. Unfortunately, whenever I browse the web or want to install a package from the Haiku Depot, my network continuously switches back and forth between being connected, but also having “No link”, which I assume means that it has disconnected.

This sadly happens every few seconds while it is loading something. I am certain that the internet has worked fine on another laptop of mine! All other operating systems i used did not have this issue through ethernet, either.

Hopefully the issue I’m having isn’t confusing to you. I’ll list my laptop specifications down below.

Using Haiku 32 bit R1/beta1 Revision hrev52295+129x86_gcc2
Dell Latitude D510
CPU: Intel Pentium M Dual-Core 1.73 Ghz

If more info is needed I will try my best.

We will need a copy of the system log from the /var/log/syslog file… it may help determine what is happening.

That’s okay! I have managed to figure out that it doesn’ have this issue when i attach the ethernet cable AFTER Haiku has booted. I’ll get a syslog file whenever i can.

That is an old laptop.

I have several of a similar age, and also have problems, whether wired or wireless, and whether using Windows, Linux, or Haiku. I believe old hardware is to blame, not the operating systems.

Update! It definitely still has the issue when browsing the web and all. I’ve only now had the time to work on my laptop and thus made a copy of the syslog file!

Here is a copy of said log, complete and in Pastebin. I opened my browser after booting. Apologies for the wait. I had to retry many times before finally being able to paste it somewhere for others to see, so it took a while.

It would be more appropriate to report a bug at


There are quite a lot of “media changes” in here, it seems the link is somehow being lost because a media type is unsupported? Seems strange.