Netbook with sound and wifi

On a recent visit to San Francisco, I visited a store called Central Computers at 837 Hooward Street and explained to one of the store attendants that I had a new OS that I needed to find a netbook for. He was good enough to let me try out my haiku usb boot drives on one particular model (Asus X101CH) and fortunately the sound worked and the wifi hardware was recognized and offered up some wifi networks to connect to! I bought one and am writing this post from it, using haiku rev 44456, connected to the internet via an open wireless network that is not broadcasting it’s SSID (“hidden” network). It is using the VESA graphics driver and the native 1024x600 resolution of the screen is not available, only 800x600 but, it’s the same for Ubuntu linux 10.04LTS. If only we had a flash player for WebPositive, I could use this to surf the net with haiku full time!

I do not want it to seem that I am advertising for these guys but, when we find a place that has staff that are flexible enough to let geeks be geeks, I think they should be acknowledged.


If your card works with open wireless network wpa2 will work to :wink: