Need wireless driver for dell latitdue d600

Greetings to All,

 I need your assistance with finding or installing wireless drivers for a Dell Latitude D600 laptop.

run in Haiku:

It’ll run a script and install some WIFI firmware.

PCMCIA and USB wireless cards are not supported.

To get information on your WIFI card in your laptop, run:

Hard to help without knowing your wifi card. Use listdev to find it out.

Thank you, Tonestone57. It seems that I have an Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 21003B Mini PCI Adapter. When I run install-wifi-firmwares,sh, the system will load kdebug and then halt the system for 2 minutes. ANy suggestion on how to resolve this issue?

Ok. Name should be 2100 3B. :slight_smile:
ie: Intel PRO 2100 3B MiniPCI tries downloading firmware from the internet. Likely tries to use your wireless adapter which is not properly working. So, would result in KDL.

You either have to get wired working on the laptop and use wired to download the firmwares or there is a way to use another OS to get firmwares and install them.

You only require the 2100 firmware.

Open up the script file you’re running in StyleEdit or Pe and look through it. Tells you what site you should visit to get instructions to download off other OS in case you can’t use internet in Haiku.

I am going to be a little more helpful to you since looking through script file might not make sense. No WPA in Haiku. Only have WEP or unencrypted connection.

you need:

You can get it here:

Use usb key (or CDRW or FAT32/NTFS/EXT(x) partition) to transfer it to Haiku.

Unzip the file to:

Reboot system.

Good idea to remove wired driver because for some it can cause conflict and send Haiku into KDL. Check what wired network card you have and remove the driver if you do not use wired ethernet.

This page may also help out but it is missing the Intel PRO wireless firmware information.