Need more developers


I think that is too slow… days more days… years more years… The comunity need a iso for testing.
Creo que es muy necesario liberar una iso para instalar Haiku con todos los componentes que estan terminados y en etapa de prueba y asi mantener el entusiasmo y creer que realmente algun dia podremos usar libremente este excelente OS.
Tenemos que buscar la forma de atraer mas desarrolladores, para acelerar la construccion de los componentes que faltan. Se ve estancado, como que realmente nunca se va a cumplir el objetivo, es muy preocupante.

I failed Spanish, so I had to use a translator on that last part:

Xirtam wrote:
I believe that iso is very necessary to release one to install Haiku with all the components that estan finished and in stage of test and asi maintaining the enthusiasm and thinking that algun day we will really be able to freely use this excellent OS.Tenemos that to look for the form to attract but developer, to accelerate the construction of the components that lack. One is suspended, because really never one is going away to fulfill the objective, is very worrisome.

A lot of people think that an ISO form of release would give greater access to regular users and that the system simply isn’t mature enough for that sort of presentation. First impressions are everything, and we don’t want to give a bad one.

That said, there are a number of unofficial disk images being built daily if you’re interested in helping test. You don’t need an ISO for testing.

As for lack of development, there are only so many active developers. Everyone is more than welcome to contribute code. Grab the latest source tree and start fixing bugs, implementing functionality, etc. Post to the mailing list on what needs to be done and they’ll be happy to let you know what you could do.