Need Help with Haiku?

I noticed that some of Haikus documentation is ether off or my build of Haiku is broken.

Ok so I noticed that in the officle manuals and the BE book that in order to install any thing you have to unzip it and move it to the /boot/common or the /boot/home/apps folder witch does not exist and I had to manualy create the file. Now so of the doccumentation condridicts this and says to put the files in the /boot/apps folder. I have tried Koffice, BePDF, BoyCott Advance, PE, Vission, Wounderbrush, and greentube and none of them boot. I was able to install Python from the terminal. Now am I not puting the folders in the right place or some thing elese or is it an issue just do to poor doumentation? I am not used to haiku’s forum of packages so I have no idea. No is it possible to install other packages from the CLI as that would be verry help full.

Thank you